Everite has a well-earned reputation of innovation, delivering industry-leading technology in six decades:


  • New electrochemical machining (ECM) techniques developed.
  • Expanded application base to include automated equipment for pointing of hypodermic Cannula.
  • Upgraded quality control system from MIL-Q-9858A TO ISO 9001:2000.


  • Everite’s electrochemical grinding equipment used more widely in the medical devices industry, as use of sophisticated metals and the need for precision and burr-free edges grows.
  • Operations expanded to include high production manufacturing facility.
  • New production machining methods created for variety of medical implants.


  • Adapted CNC control to electrochemical grinding technology.
  • Acquired Tarcon Control Systems, a manufacturer of control systems, panels and consoles for Everite and other customers in the machine tool and process industries.
  • Opened facility in Limerick, Ireland in to serve growing European customer base.


  • Developed new line of vertical electrochemical grinding equipment, capable of machining new materials being used in aircraft engines. The first machines were sold to General Electric and U.S. Department of Defense. These new applications grew out of a need to find more effective and economical ways to work with difficult-to-machine alloys.


  • Introduced first electrochemical surface grinding machine for production parts, used for burr-free machining of metals. With this machine, electrochemical grinding moved from the tool room to the production floor.
  • Developed first electrochemical grinding wheel with Bay State Abrasives.
  • Introduced first electrochemical tube cutoff machine. The first machine built is still in operation.
  • Everite’s tube cutoff machines become widely used in the tubing industry.
  • Designed and built specialized electrochemical grinding equipment to machine the magnetic parts in the receiver of every telephone manufactured by Western Electric.


  • Company founded as prime contractor to the US military.
  • Participated in U.S. Department of Defense efforts to develop an alternative process for sharpening carbide tools that didn’t use industrial diamonds in short supply during the Korean War.
  • Chemist responsible for inventing electrochemical grinding technology joined Everite to develop industrial equipment and research new applications.
  • Produced the first electrochemical grinding machine for off-hand grinding of carbide cutting tools. Common in tool rooms, these machines provided an effective, inexpensive and convenient way to sharpen tools, before the development of indexable, throwaway inserts.