ACOM-1 – Burr-Free ECG Automatic Tube Cutoff Machine for the Medical Industry

Electrochemical Cutoff Benefits
• Burr-Free cutoff
• Low cutting forces prevent deformation
• Edge rounding or sharp edge production
• No Work Hardening
• No Recast Layer
• No Metallurgical Damage
• Faster than EDM

ACOM-1 Advantages

  • Proprietary cast, non-conductive base, for rigidity, stability, and damping to promote accuracy and repeatability of cut.
  • Integral cast pan constrains fluid flow and extraneous current paths, fostering cleaner work zone and eliminating corrosion.
  • Variable, independent, and programmable clamp force, facilitates short cut length and eliminates thin wall tube deformation.
  • Quick-change fixtures with standard work height eliminate clamp height adjustment.
  • Stainless Steel work enclosure with full view door window and full access work zone permit stock load from left side or front.
  • All axes motion components located outside the wet zone eliminating guide rail and ball-screw exposure to corrosion.
  • HMI (Touch Screen) pendant mounted for convenience of left hand and right hand operators and user interface will support upload and download of programs (recipes).
  • Automatic top of tube recognition regulates stroke length and reduces cut time.