Electrochemical Machining Services

Everite now offers Electrochemical machining services to provide customers with the opportunity to employ the benefits of the burr-free machining technology without the outlay of capital. Everite has positioned and dedicated multiple ECG cutoff machines, ECG Surface Grinders and ECG Trimmers, to support customers ECG machining requirements.

Electrochemical grinding services include cutoff, notching, slot grinding, point grinding, form grinding, surface grinding or production of any feature which can be produced in an ECG grinder.

Everite can produce customer specified features on customer provided material, acquire material to specification and produce customer specified features – or through Everite’s’ Custom Engineered Solutions discipline, provide a process and method to produce features conforming to customer requirements.

ECG Processes


  • Diameters: from 0.010” to 2.50”
  • Lengths: from 0.080” to infinity
  • Cut to length using Everite SR7 and SR8 cutoff machines

Surface Grinding
Slotting using EG618, UG618 or UG824 Surface Grinders

Point Grinding
Using UG618 or UG824 Surface Grinders and 4th axes Everite engineered fixture

Form Grinding
Using EG618 or UG618 or UG824 Surface Grinders and custom engineered diamond dressing blocks or hydraulic driven dressing wheels.