Precision Abrasive Cutoff

High quality abrasive cutting for cut-to-length capability of nearly any material or shape with a high precision automatic feed system with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Everite introduced the all-new AR8 UltraCut Automatic Abrasive Cutoff Machine featuring fully automatic, precision cut-to-length capability for nearly any material or shape. The market long exhibited a deficit for an automatic cut-to-length machine capable of fast, accurate, nearly burr-free production.

The AR8 UltraCut Abrasive Cutoff Machine, cousin to the very successful SR8 UltraCut Electrochemical Cutoff Machine, shares all of the advanced features and advantages, but uses carbide guided rubber bond wheels for precise and extremely fast cutoff, with minimal burr generation.

The AR8 using a touch screen interface and standardized quick change tooling, enables fast setup and changeover to get jobs running quickly. The stock feed and head feed motions use ball-screw/servo-drives for fast precision motion and accurate cuts, enabling high throughput.


  • Precise automatic cutoff of nearly any material or shape
  • Ball screw/servo drives for stock feed and head feed motion
  • Use of carbide guided, rubber bond wheels, for accurate cutting
  • High feed rates for fast cuts and high throughput
  • Standardized, quick change work holding for fast setup
  • Touch screen control supports fixed or differential cut length as well as unattended cutting


  • Rigid frame construction for accurate cut length
  • Top mounted, user friendly, touch screen control
  • Control platform hosts numerous features to maximize throughput
  • Large splash guard for ease of access and view of work envelope
  • Large coolant pump for copious flow to support cut and flush effluent
  • Quick change tooling
  • Constant or differential cut length


  • Low cost, thin, rubber bond cutoff wheels
  • Low kerf loss
  • Fast cut rates
  • Quick change tooling
  • Precise, clean and smooth cuts
  • Minimal burr generation – eliminates secondary processes
  • Multiple programmable feed rates support efficiency and quality of cut
  • Diameters up to 2.5”
  • Cut lengths from 0.080” to infinity
  • Cut length tolerance to ±0.0005”