Precision Abrasive Cutoff Machine (PAC)

Featuring Programmable Touch Screen Control With SmartHead and SmartFeed Features

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  • Advanced quick change fixturing system.
  • Large stainless steel splash guard for easy access for setup, wheel change, fixture change, and cleanup.
  • Convenient user friendly touch screen control.
  • No limit switches.
  • Rigid construction – greater accuracy.
  • Optional feed and parts conveyors to support unattended cutoff.
  • High volume coolant to support cut and flush effluent.
  • Ball screw/servo drives for stock feed and head feed.


  • Uses low cost thin, rubber-bonded cutoff wheels supported by tungsten carbide wheel guides for minimal kerf loss.
  • Fast cutoff for maximum throughput.
  • Minimal burr eliminates secondary finishing.

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