Manual ECG Cutoff Machine

Crop, Trim or Cut to Length

The newest machine in Everite’s successful line of ECG machines is the TTX (Table-top Cutoff). It’s small, compact size and manual operation makes it ideal for every tooling room around the world.


The TTX is ideal for crop tool extensions, short run and low volume cutoff jobs. Cutoff or crop thin, fragile structures to difficult to cut materials.

  • Simple control and setup
  • Low maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Burr-free cutoff
  • Simple Clamping
  • No length limit
  • Mechanical stop

The TTX is the lowest cost, fastest setup and only transportable, burr-free cutoff machine. Offering manual head feed, simple fixtures and clamping, mist collector and bundle cutting, operating on only 220V/1Ph/60Hz.

TTX Video

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