Market Applications & Industries Served

Everite helps industries that manufacture components that move gasses or fluids through small diameter thin wall tubing. Everite products cut and machine these materials without deforming or cresting burrs. Everite is serving a variety of industries and applications utilizing their complete line of cutting and grinding equipment.

Medical Devices and Tools
Medical device manufacturers must machine exotic materials and fine tubes without leaving burrs or putting undo stress on a manufactured part. Everite’s products are designed to provide economical and reliable performance and are proven performers in the medical implant, device and surgical tools industries.

Everite provides medical implant manufacturers with grinding solutions to support the manufacturing of products that include:

  • Bone Screws
  • Hip Joints
  • Knee Joints

Medical device manufacturers turn to Everite grinding solutions to produce:

  • Biopsy Needle
  • Cannula
  • Skive Tubing
  • Tubing

Surgical tool manufacturers apply Everite solutions to produce:

  • Anthropy Shavers
  • Bone Drills
  • Electro Surgical Instruments
  • Epidural Needles
  • Phaco Tips
  • Scalpels
  • Trocars

Military Hardware
Everite’s roots are as a prime contractor for the Department of Defense. We produce a wide array of parts for the Navy associated with the catapult and arresting gear systems on aircraft carriers. The combination of our manufacturing capabilities and engineering experience sets us apart.

Automotive industry manufacturing demands the cutting of hard-to-machine materials in high volume, without the need for secondary operations such as deburring. Everite’s cutoff machines are delivering economical solutions to our automotive-oriented customers in a variety of applications. Everite automotive-oriented customers are using Everite grinding machines and engineering services to produce products such as:

  • Catalytic Converters
  • Exhaust Pipes
  • Filler Pipes
  • Flexible Hose

Aerospace manufacturers grind to produce unique shapes out of exotic materials at precise tolerances with high production rates. Everite’s combination of electrochemical grinding technology with precision control and measurement systems enables our aerospace manufacturing customers to meet production requirements at the lowest possible cost. Aerospace manufacturers have used Everite solutions to produce products that include:

  • Turbine Blades
  • Jet Engine Stator Vanes
  • Aircraft Controls
  • Aircraft Tubing
  • Heat Exchanger Tubing
  • Honeycomb Seals

Industrial Heaters
Manufacturers of Industrial Heaters utilize thin wall tubing made from exotic materials that must be cut burr-free to tight tolerances.

Capabilities in Various Other Industries:

Industry: Golf Clubs
Application: Titanium insert

Industry: Filtration Devices
Application: Filter components

Industry: Burning & Welding Equipment
Application: Torch tips, gas nozzles

Industry: Instrumentation
Application: Chromatograph tubing

Industry: Temperature Sensors
Application: Thermocouple tubing

Industry: Lab Equipment
Application: Precision fluid delivery systems

Industry: Nuclear Power
Application: Nuclear fuel cells, Turbine blades, Zirconium and Stainless steel tubing

Industry: Cutting Tools
Application: Carbide grinding, Diamond grinding, Form Grinding

Industry: Electrical Components
Application: Connectors