Burr-Free ECG CNC Surface Grinder featuring Fanuc Series 0iMC CNC Control

The UG824 offers exceptional rigidity by virtue of its heavy castings and features a unique fixed-table design. It is well suited to applications requiring machine automation because of its convenient access to the work area.

The Fanuc 0iMC CNC provides servo control of all three axes. It has a 9″ x 25″ work surface and a compact, integrated design that allows all DC power components, electrolyte equipment and machine controls to be located within a small footprint.

Optional magnetic chuck and motorized wheel dresser. Convenient rear access to tank and filtration.

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UG824 Advantages

UG824 Advantages

  • Large 8″ x 24″ work envelope in a compact foot print.
  • Fanuc 0iMC CNC Control includes linear and circular interpolation.
  • Stationary table—easily adapts to robotic automation.
  • Linear guide ways allow for higher speeds with greater positioning accuracy.
  • New, compact electrolyte tank stores neatly underneath machine.
  • Continuous filtration improves electrolyte life.
  • Standard 300 Amp. D.C. power supply with 600 or 1000 Amp. Capacity also available.
UG824 Specifications
  • Worktable Working Surface: 9″ x 25″ (Width & Length)
  • Longitudinal (X Axis) Travel: 24″
  • Vertical (Y Axis) Travel: 12″
  • Transverse (Z Axis) Travel: 8″
  • Spindle Center to Table Distance: 3-1/2″ Min.
  • Maximum Work Feed Rate: 100″ Per Minute
  • Maximum Rapid Feed Rate: 250″ Per Minute
  • Accuracy X Axis: .0010″ Per Foot of Travel
  • Accuracy Y Axis: .0002″ Per Foot of Travel
  • Accuracy Z Axis: .0002″ Per Foot of Travel
  • Spindle Motor: 5 H.P. (7.5 H.P. Optional)
  • Max Spindle Speed: 4,000 rpm
  • Shipping Weight: 6,000 Lbs.
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